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Håkan Lindhé started his own theatre company, Cirkus Babylon, at age 23. After two successful productions, he started working at the Helsingborg City Theatre, where he directed THE HAIRY APE by Eugene O’Neill, THE CRUCIBLE by Arthur Miller and A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE by Tennessee Williams. He then moved to Stockholm, from where he continued his work with spectacular projects like Antony Burgess A CLOCKWORK ORANGE, his stage version of F.W. Murnau’s classic film NOSFERATU, The Philip Glass opera THE FALL OF THE HOUSE OF USHER and HOWIE THE ROOKIE by Mark O'Rowe.


At age 30 he moved on to film and TV. He sold his first spec script - Love Fools - to Memfis Film and won The Golden Bug for his first short, CLINCH. After that he has written and directed several award-winning productions for film and TV; THE STOCKHOLM SYNDROME, (Norrmalmstorg), LOWLAND (Lokalreportern), A MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH, (En fråga om Liv och Död), STHLM, 30 DEGREES IN FEBRUARY (30 grader i Februari) and MODUS 2. Since August 2017, Håkan has been the showrunner for THE INNER CIRCLE, an 8 x 45 min series for Viaplay. Håkan is married to writer/actress Johanna Wilson, and they live on a house-boat in central Stockholm with their kids Noah and Nelly.


Photo: Johan Paulin

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