"Den Inre Cirkeln"

The elite of Swedish political power have all gathered at ‘Almedalen week’, the world famous political forum. The Prime Minister is expected to stand down. But who will become her successor? 
David Ehrling, Minister for Enterprise, sees the opportunity to fulfill his life long dream. But does he have what it takes? Is he willing to pay the price? And is it really worth it?


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The president of the United States is on a state visit in Stockholm when she suddenly goes missing. 


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"30 Grader I Februari"

A very successful multiplot drama series about swedes who lives in Thailand. In the story MAJLIS, we see the Emmy Award Nominee LOTTA TEJLE continue her struggle to stay alive after the accidental killing of her husband. She is alone, with no money and no friends. And she is still ”missing” after the Tsunami. In order to support herself, she ”do favours” for a Chinese businesswoman; delivering ”packages” from one place to another. But one day, ”the package” is a young girl. And Majlis can’t do what is expected of her…


30 DEGREES IN FEBRUARY was commissioned by SVT and produced by Anagram Production. 10 x 60 min. Håkan Lindhé directed the whole story of MAJLIS (in all 3 hours).





For six different characters, all if them living in the beautiful capital of Sweden, this is the morning when something in their lives will change forever. For Adam, 9, this is the day when we will get his divorced and un-responsible father back. For Kerstin, it’s time to stop lying to her co-workers about her non-existing boyfriend. For Gustav, this is the day when he - after 40 years - again will run into the woman he wishes he married. For Hanna, it’s time to choose between her independence and her baby. For Johan, it’s time to break the tyranny of his mentally ill mother. And for Maud and Carl Philip, the time has come, when they need to start looking at each other again, after 20 years of marriage.


STHLM was commissioned and produced by SVT. 6 x 45 min.





"En Fråga Om Liv Och Död"

David is a doctor, husband and father of two children. One day, while running in the woods, he happens to be the witness of a brutal gang related murder. As the responsible citizen he is, he does exactly what is expected of him; he calls the police, identifies the criminals and testifies against them in court. But being a responsible citizen is easier said that done. After being threatened and having his family totally torn apart, he realizes that the society can’t protect either him or his family from the severe rage of the criminals. That he has to do all by himself…


A MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH was commissioned by SVT and produced by Garagefilm International. 2 x 90 min.







In the rural town of Wargön, everything is just as nice and quiet as it’s always been - on the surface. Through the eyes of the local newspaper reporter, we take a deeper look into some of the events that end up as short articles in the paper, but for the people involved will change their lives forever. LOWLAND is thrilling without being a thriller, funny without being a comedy; a complex, heart-warming, intense and deeply emotional patchwork of stories about life in the country.


LOWLAND was commissioned by SVT and produced by Garagefilm International and won the Cinéma Tout Ecrán (Best Long Drama). 4 x 60 min.







One morning in August 1973, an armed robber walks into the bank at Norrmalms Square, Stockholm. He takes four hostages and demands the release of the famous bank robber Clark Olofsson, plus three million Swedish crowns in cash. This is the story of one of the most famous crimes in Swedish history, after which the whole world got to know a new expression; The Stockholm Syndrome.


THE STOCKHOLM SYNDROME was commissioned and produced by SVT and won both the Prix Europa and Rencontres Internationales de Télévision in Reims, France. 90 min.